Latest Samsung Galaxy S4 Price April 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Price April 201 3 At this time I will share information or articles about the price of Samsung Galaxy S4 and in the article before I have discussed or made a post on How to Eliminate Mouth Odor that can be read too. For this time the turn of the latest Samsung Galaxy S4 April 2013 which I will discuss and give complete information to my friend who is looking for him.
To view information about the price of Samsung Galaxy S4 this buddy can langusng see his full info directly below. Here’s the latest Samsung Galaxy S4 April 2013 Price can see my friend or complete as below
As reported by, the price of Galaxy S IV is priced at 599 euros. If converted to rupiah, then the price is around Rp 7.5 million. Meanwhile, on the site of the German Amazon, Galaxy S-4 version of 16 GB offered a little cheaper, 540 euros or about Rp 6.8 million. In Italy, Galaxy S4 is priced more expensive, amounting to 699 euros. And on the GSMArena website, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 16GB version is priced at US $ 579 or about Rp5.6 million.

About Samsung Galaxy S4

Galaxy S 4 is a successor Galaxy S3, which is the generation of Galaxy S’s most in demand in history and this smart phone is lined up to be the phone with the highest specifications and technology from Samsung. Woww .. !!
Smartphone made by Samsung Mobile comes with a Super AMOLED screen measuring 4.99 inches resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels alias Full-HD, with a density of 441 pixels per inch. Performance is supported by 2 GB RAM and graphics processing unit PowerVR SGX 544MP3. All that goes with the Android operating system 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean).
This smart phone is available in three choices of internal memory, which is 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB, which can be added with a MicroSD memory card. The rear camera has a 13 MP sensor with autofocus and LED flash, as well as a 2 MP front camera.

Samsung Galaxy S4’s new specialty

has put the source of innovation and financial behind the new Galaxy S4 and the result now we have smartphones with the best features on the market today. Samsung really thinks about how often consumers use the phone every day, and they have designed the Galaxy S4. Therefore, the culmination of the tool is `’Life Companion’ ‘which tries to show that Samsung wants consumers to make Galaxy S4 a part of their lives.
The ability of increasingly sophisticated camera
Samsung has a lot to realize once again feature the camera and has created”DualShot” for Galaxy S4 which let users use the camera the back and front camera at the same time during a video call. Another feature of the camera is the ” DamaShot ” option that takes photographic-photography blurry and combines it to create photography at intervals. The ultimate feature of the camera is Cinema Photo”which on its platform is a tool for creating GIFs, and will become popular for the young.
The Movement and
Galaxy S4 gesture features a stage for Samsung to show what their abilities are. The product is created with some fun and innovative features like Air Gesture that let you move through the gallery or web page just by slipping it with the palm of the hand in front of the screen without touching it.
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